18 Dec 2009

Kerajaan BN akan naikkan harga minyak.

Mula-mula berita macam ni akan keluar dalam semua akhbar tajaan BN. Lepas tu baru kerajaan akan umum kenaikkan harga minyak. Kenaikkan yang tidak membebankan rakyat.
clipped from thestar.com.my

Suspect uses modified truck to sneak out 300 litres of diesel

ALOR SETAR: Enforcement officers implementing the 20-litre petrol limit on foreign vehicles stumbled upon an attempt to smuggle out 300 litres of subsidised diesel near the Bukit Kayu Hitam.

The smuggler apparently modified a pick-up truck’s fuel storage area by installing four additional fuel tanks.

In the 10pm incident on Wed­nesday, state domestic trade and consumer affairs division enforcement head Suhaimi Mat Sari said a suspect in his 60s was detained when a team cornered him while he was driving the pick-up through the township’s industrial zone.

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