3 Sep 2009

Gempa bumi Indonesia

Gempa bumi dalam bulan Ramadhan. Diharap saudara kita kaum muslimin disana bersabar menghadapi ujian Allah. Ada hikmah disebalik kejadian.

At least 32 people have been killed and thousands made homeless after a major earthquake hit Indonesia's Java island.

People were crushed as buildings collapsed and rocks crashed down as the magnitude 7.0 quake struck less than 200km south of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, on Wednesday.

There were reports that houses had collapsed in villages south of Bandung but there were no reports of any deaths, according to the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency technical chief Suharjono.

Indonesia's main power, oil, gas, steel and mining companies with operations in West and Central Java island closest to the quake's epicentre said they had not suffered any damage.

A 7.7-magnitude offshore quake triggered a tsunami off southern Java in 2006, killing 596 people and displacing some 74,000.

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