3 Sep 2009

KD Altantuya tiba di Pelabuhan Kelang

clipped from thestar.com.my

Malaysia’s first submarine arrives at Pulau Indah

Submarine Altantuya classe Scorpene durant ses...Image via Wikipedia

PORT KLANG: The Royal Malaysian Navy’s first submarine, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, arrived at KD Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, the naval base in Pulau Indah here on Thursday.

The Scorpene submarine, with 32 officers and crew members on board led by commanding officer Zulhelmey Ithnain, reached the jetty at 9.20am.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman sailed from Toulon, France on July 11 and took 54 days to reach Port Klang, making stops at Jeddah, Djibouti and Cochin on the journey, which included 32 days of submersion and 10 days of surfacing.

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